Alex Russell, Google Chrome engineer, suggest that Google’s Web Components proposal will put an end to the battle of Progressive Enhancement (PE) vs. JavaScript Required:

It’s key to understand is that “PE or Bust” vs. “requiredJS” isn’t a battle anyone can win today. The platform needs to give us a way to express ourselves even when it hasn’t been prescient of our needs — which, of course, it can’t be all the time. Until now, there hasn’t been that outgas, so of course we reach out and use the turing-complete language at our finger tips to go re-build what we must to get what we want.

If you are unfamiliar, the Introduction to Web Components W3C note is a decent enough place to start.

Unethical technology reporting on Yahoo!’s Small Business Advisor Network

The Macalope uncovers shoddy journalism practices with Yahoo!’s “Small Business Advisor” network.

It starts off innocently enough, another article telling us a not-yet-introduced Apple product is DOA:

Over at Yahoo, Archie Mariano says ‘Apple Needs To Try Harder: Meeting iPhone 5S Expectations’

Here’s where things get dicey:

There’s a weird interlude where Mariano tells you how to can sell your old phone in preparation for next week’s iPhone launch—wasn’t his point that iPhones suck?—before he closes with some more cheap shots at Apple customers.

Turns out Mariano works for, one of the companies that buy used iPhones which Mariano was shilling for in his article.

So. No-name money-for-electronics site employee writes incendiary ‘article’ trolling Apple fans which Yahoo publishes straight up without any identification that the author works for the site pushed in the piece (nowhere on Yahoo’s page is it mentioned that Mariano works for them, though a little searching can turn up Mariano’s contributor profile—which doesn’t link to this article).